Excellent - just fun, read why.

Burnout 3 Takedown is the first game of the Burnout series I played. I had always preferred more realistic games/simulations like Gran Turismo or whatever, but the time had come when I wanted a game that was just pure arcade fun stlye pick-up-and-play. Burnout is exactly that. Stunning graphics, excellent soundtrack, different game modes to keep things interesting (road-rage mode being the most fun, believe me!) and there's even a 'world tour' as a sort of more serious game mode that allows you to make progress and gain extra cars, tracks, etc.

Back to the thing about RoadRage mode. You have to takedown as many cars as possible before your own car is totalled. I cannot describe to you how much fun this is when your doing with your favorite car, track, and music, all of which you can chose and I'm sure you'll find ones you like!

All in all the game is a stunning arcade racer that anyone should love, whether they prefer realistic racing games or just fast arcade racers. It's been out over 2 years now for both PS2 and Xbox and is very cheap to buy, so there's no reason for anyone not to own this classic. It's also definetley the best in the Burnout series - I have them all, even the sequel to this game, Burnout Revenge, which is also a great game but its just not better than Burnout 3 Takedown, so if you're looking for a first Burnout game, Takedown is the one to go for.