Lots of fun with some chills but more thrills

User Rating: 8 | Akumajou Dracula Mokushiroku N64
Castlevania 64 was a good game in my opinion. Though I wouldn't put it on a pedestal I would say that it deserves at least an 8.

Its packed with intense battles with a wide variety of creatures of all shapes and forms and, of course, the usual arsenal of holy weapons that Castlevania players are used to. One of the annoying things is that the upgrades that you can get for your primary weapon while you go through the game are temporary and disappear if you quit the game.

One of the biggest pluses was the boss battle at the end of the game. You go through at least three different stages of boss battle, assuming you get the best ending. The battle at the very end of the fray is, in a word, quite impressive. The boss has a wide variety of attacks, one of which is nothing short of the apocalypse. Definitely a lot harder to play against as the guy then the girl but a fun challenge.

All in all a good game that one could consider owning, if you're a Castlevania fan, or at least renting.