The best Tekken game ever made.

Well, for the past few years there was a lot of Tekken games, the most popular was Tekken 5. Well then came out Tekken 6. Tekken 6 is a well improved Tekken game, theres lots to do, and there's also a campaign mode.
The very great and improved things on Tekken is the graphics, gameplay, backround, and characters. The graphics makes the characters more real and alive, the gameplay is great too. Good moves and they look all great. The backround are amazing also, it makes it look great and real, and lastly the characters. They look very improved with there new costumes or whatever they call it, and like I said they look very realistic and wonderful. Also the multiplayer for this game is amazing or should I say outstanding. Its great how you play with your friends and try to beat them, its fun it never gets old, I rather play multiplayer then versusing the CPU, My one complain about this game is the campaign mode, sometimes its impossible to beat and you just keep on trying over and over again from the start. This Tekken game is a good game and one of the best Tekken games I played.