A gta game on a handheld? lets see how it did.

the Good: great Graphics and gameplay, still got that gta fill to it

the Bad: kind of short, radio now as great as the others, plays kind of slow

Well Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories is base in Liberty City. Which was the city in Grand Theft Auto 3. with a lot different story to it. in this game your name is Toni Cipriani. the game in in the time of around 1998 to 1999. Well the gameplay is very great. what makes this game so great is its on a handheld. Most games you see that was on the ps2 or xbox , and it comes over to the psp, there are some kind of lost because the handheld cant hole all of it. Well dont worry about that boys and girls. This game is just as good as the ones on the consoles or maybe better. you get i high number of cars and trucks. And like all gta games, its got its funny parts. the game is longer then you think. and when you beat it, theres alot more too do.the missions are fun but sometimes hard as they get. for some this game is easy. to me it was kind of hard. But the harder the better i say. The music on the game is maybe not as good as you might want, but still got tis funny parts. the radio is good. and like the first 3 games you can do side missions, the side missions are better to me in this game then all the others. Now the guns are very good. lots of them. and yes you can still blow a losers head off, lol.
and there are lots of different people walking around just like all the others.
this game is a must have, if you like gta games. now if you have never liked gta games, your most likey want like this game!