Good story, awesome gameplay. With an arsenal like this at your disposal, Dracula's really goin down this time.

User Rating: 9.5 | Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin DS
Standard Castlevania fare. The controls are very responsive. Personally, I really loved the immense variety of spells, subweapons, weapons, and gear in this game. GRAPHICS:
I believe they were a step up from DoS. Some elements of some backgrounds were 3D, and even some enemies were 3D. Even with much of the game not in 3D, everything was still pretty detailed.

Thouh none of the tracks really got stuck in my head (like some in DoS did), it was good music nonetheless. I never had to mute the game for the sake of my sanity.

With the vast number of spells, subweapons, and such, the replayability of the game is huge. You can play however you want. And on top of that, there's also hard mode and up to three new game modes once you beat the game. REVIEWER'S TILT:
In addition to everything I've said above, I enjoy the fact that this game is quite different from DoS. When I'm in the mood to play a Castlevania game on my DS, I actually have a choice, rather than just randomly picking one. It's a good thing.

If you enjoy Castlevania games, definitely pick this one up. If you're interested in checking out a Castlevania game for the first time, this is a worthy game to pick up in that case as well. It's just a great game, period.