Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Cheats For DS

  1. Defeat Doppleganger Easily

    To easily defeat the doppleganger, equip Jonathan with the Illusion fist, and make sure he's stronger. Due to the lack of an animation, all the doppleganger will be able to do is walk towards you, unable to attack. This makes the fight pathetically easy.

    Contributed by: molle1997 

  2. Play as OLD AXE ARMOR

    Kill 1000 (or more) Old Axe Armor (Monster No. 92). Then SAVE. You need to SAVE in order for the Kill Count to register. Now when you start a New game. You can choose OLD AXE ARMOR as a player character once you've received the Good Ending.

    Contributed by: Nyst 

  3. Duplicate Quest Reward

    Upon completing a Quest, Talk to Wind to open up the quest menu. Press A twice. When you hear the "reward" chime, press START to exit the quest menu.

    The quest reward is already given to you, however, the quest is uncleared from the list. You can repeat this as many times as you want and get the rewards again. Note: This glitch does not work in the European version of the game.

    Contributed by: digimax 

  4. Start any new game with a fully completed map

    Normally youre only supposed to carry over your completed map from a Jonathan cleared game to a Jonathan new game +. With this glitch you can start a new Sisters, Richter, or Old axe armor game with your fully completed Jonathan map. Heres how:

    1. Click on the new game + bat icon to the right of your cleared Jonathan file.

    2. On the 'normal' or 'hard' difficulty screen, press B to cancel and go back.

    3. Go to any blank file and start any new game be it Sisters, axe armor, etc.

    4. Voila! Fully completed map!

    This makes exploring in Sisters, Ricther, and Axe armor mode a whole lot easier.

    Contributed by: Carmilla31 

  5. Play as Maria only

    There is a glitch in the game that lets you play as Maria only. However, note that she can not beat the game by herself since she does not have a super jump skill.
    To unlock a Maria-only mode, follow these steps. You must have both Richter and Old Axe Armor modes unlocked for the glitch to work:

    1. Resume your completed Jonathan/Charlotte mode game.
    2. Switch the main character to Charlotte.
    3. Save the game. Restart.
    4. Choose New Game + with your Jonathan/Charlotte mode game.
    5. At the name entry screen, press B.
    6. Start a new game and choose Old Axe Armor as the character.
    7. Instead of Old Axe Armor, your character will be Maria!

    Contributed by: XxThunderxX 

  6. Enhanced stats for the Sisters, for Richter and Old Axe Armor

    First, for this glitch to work, you must complete theses steps:

    1. Have a game completed with Jonathan at hard (any caps will do, but 1 is recommended for the purpose of the glitch).
    2. Go on jonathan's new game + and press A once.
    3. When it shows the difficulty to use, press B.
    4. Go on an empty save file, press A.
    5. Choose any of the characters and start the game.

    If you try to defeat enemies, you'll notice you do the same damage (If you had the str boost from the LV1 Cap at hard) than if you were LV40, but at LV1!

    Contributed by: StangSmasher 

  7. Jump a few more extra times

    This glitch will make your characters be able to jump twice as much as you currently can. For example, if you don't have the double-jump relic, you are able to jump twice with this glitch and if you have it, you are able to jump up to four times. This glitch is useful for sequence breaking and getting items early in the game.

    1)First have both characters on the same screen
    2)Tap the touch screen above to make your partner jump up to two times (depending if you have the double jump ability or not)
    3)Once your partner is high enough, press X to switch characters
    4)If timed correctly, you will be able to do an extra jump or two right after switching characters

    Contributed by: akura_integra 

  8. Use ''Grand Cross'' Subweapon with Maria

    When playing as Richter and Maria once you gain a few levels and have enough MP you can use Richter's "Grand Cross" subweapon and deal massive damage (especially to enemies who are weak to 'Holy'-based attacks). The only problem is you can't move while performing it... with Richter.
    Have Richter select the "Grand Cross" subweapon then swith over to Maria with "X" without having Richter out with her. Press "R" to have Richter come out and cast "Grand Cross". The moment he appears (he doesn't even have to have casted it yet) immediately press "A" to send Richter away and the "Grand Cross" will go to Maria except she can move around with it! This works well on bosses since you can pummel them with the cross but still be able to move out of harms way.

    Contributed by: JonathanSeymour 

  9. Infinite Potions Glitch

    To perform this glitch, you need to have at least 1 item in your use inventory, otherwise you can't access your use inventory menu. Performing this glitch is different, depending on how many items you have in your use inventory menu. 1 item in Use inventory: Touch the screen around the middle of the right side of the black space. 2 or more items in Use inventory: Touch the small space between the top-right item and the edge of the screen. Doing so, will make the item description say "Restores 80 HP" Press "A" at this point to "Use" a potion. NOTE: If you have any normal potions they will be consumed, but if not, you will use a potion that doesn't exist. High and Super Potions will not be consumed.

    Contributed by: SeraphinEveles 

  10. The dark side of Vincent

    If you take your main character and press UP for about 10 seconds in front of Vincent, the shopkeeper, he'll make a funny comment.

    Try with and without the other character on the screen !

    Contributed by: Salocool 

  11. Birthday Cake on your Birthday!

    Go to Vincent on your Birthday and He will offer you a special treat...a Birthday Cake, but it will cost you $3000 dollars. Happy Birthday!

    Contributed by: MrRack916 

  12. Best End Bonuses

    Complete the game with the best ending to unlock the following:

    Code Effect
    Obtain Good Ending Boss Rush Course 2 and 3
    Obtain Good Ending Sound Mode

    Contributed by: Arkrex 

  13. The Magus Ring

    When equipped, the Magus Ring quickly regenerates your magic points. In order to acquire it, you must complete all of Wind's quests.

    Code Effect
    Complete all of Wind's quests. The Magus Ring

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  14. Hard Mode Unlockables

    Depending on which Level Cap is used, defeating Hard Mode will yield different bonuses: non-sellable and non-usable "trophies" and permanent stat boosts. Defeating Hard Mode with a lower cap will automatically net items from the higher level caps. For example, defeating Hard Mode with Level 1 cap will give you all 3 sets of bonuses.

    Code Effect
    Defeat Hard Mode with Level 50 Cap. Vic Viper and +50 Luck
    Defeat Hard Mode with Level 25 Cap. Twin Bee and +50 Intelligence
    Defeat Hard Mode with Level 1 Cap. Konami Man and +50 Strength

    Contributed by: ziltama 

  15. Boss Rush Rewards

    There are 3 Boss Rush courses where you face a string of bosses without breaks in between. Each course has its rewards if you beat it within a certain amount of time.

    Code Effect
    Clear Course 1 in 1 minute Astral Ring
    Clear Course 1 in 3 minutes Invisible Cape
    Clear Course 2 in 3 minutes Record 1
    Clear Course 2 in 5 minutes Illusion Fist
    Clear Course 3 in 3 minutes Record 2
    Clear Course 3 in 5 minutes Scout Armor

    Contributed by: Galcien 

  16. Alternate Vincent Portrait in the Credits.

    Beat the game on Hard Mode. During the credits reel, there will be a different portrait of Vincent.

    Code Effect
    Clear Hard Mode Alternate Vincent Portrait

    Contributed by: bcornelia 

  17. Ricther axe armor and sisters modes

    This is how you get their modes

    Code Effect
    Beat the whip memory at the end of the game and defeat Dracula Richter mode
    Beat the whip memory and defeat Dracula Sisters mode

    Contributed by: sauron314 

  18. English Voiceovers (or Japanese Voiceovers for English version)

    To enable English voices in the Japanese version of this game or vice versa, simply press 'A' while holding 'L' at any of the main menu choices. Jonathan will say "showtime" to confirm the activation.

    Contributed by: Arkrex 

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