New Antagonist?!?

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I was wondering if there is going to be a new antagonist because for the simple fact: SPOILERS!!!!!!!! In the first game your final boss was satan, but you defeated him while you where still a human. Now that you have gotten the power of a high-tier vampire( Laura) and the power of the forgotten one, satan Would be a breeze in the park. See where i'm getting with this? it wouldn't make sense because let's face it, the way they showed us, Gabriel/Dracula is much more powerful than he was before. So what are your thoughts on this? Do you think it's still going to be satan (returning) or someone other?
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I'm not so sure Satan WOULD be a breeze for Gabriel/Dracula any more to be perfectly honest. Gabriel's main weapon against Satan was the fact that he held a perfect balance of light and dark, switching seamlessly between the two extremes in order to break Satan's defenses, thus sending that sonumbetch back to the hell he came from. Now, however, Gabriel has lost himself to darkness - with the power of both Vampire and the Forgotten One flowing through him he has corrupted his soul with unseemly power, making him an easier target for the Devil. Without his light magic edge, Satan may now be more than a match for Gabriel - as far as I know both Dracula and Satan have been referred to as the "Prince of Darkness" at one point or another - it could be interesting to see a battle that would decide who will be the King? ... goddamn it Gabriel - it breaks my heart how far you have fallen.
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If you play through LoS again, they talk about how Satan's power is extremely diminished because he is on the earthly plane. It mentions that he has unfathomable power under normal circumstances. I think as long as they are on Earth Gabriel can fight him, but in the big scheme of things Satan would squash Gabriel/Dracula.

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Agree with the above post. Gabriel battled Satan in a weakened and vulnerable condition. As the "supposed" source of all evil I don't think that even Dracula would be a match for him at his full strength, otherwise he wouldn't be a very challenging foe to overcome.

That is, however is Satan will actually be the main enemy in the new game?