It isn't all that fun..repetitive..its pretty short..Its easy to get through in one day..pretty self explanitory.

Daredevil itself is not an awful horrible game like many of us have played. But theres nothing great about it. Its got a mediocre story thats not interesting in any way. A poor combat system with hardly any variety, except tapping one button, running through the whole level doing only that. Normally I usually give you the good, and the bad, and write a decent review but I just explained the whole games. You run from the beginning of the level to the end defeating all the enemies by hammering one button..3 levels..then fight a boss..stage complete...5 stages..15 levels..same thing..over and over...its not so horrible that you cant get to the end but its not in any way a memorable game, and its easy to see that not alot of work went in to this game. The music is not memorable in any way. The graphics are ok..well thats daredevil. A great Marvel character, has some good comics, good movie, but it deserved a way better game.