Hey, help please? I just bought Maria and she won't appear. Data corrupt maybe?

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Hey everyone--I haven't played this game in a long while, but I loved it when I played it, trying to get rares and stuff. :]

Anyways, yesterday I dropped the 240 microsoft points, 3 darn dollars, on downloading Maria just so I could laugh as I threw birds. So, I'd like to note that before I downloaded her, I did one run with a friend who had recently bought the game. At the menu, it said something like "Data is corrupt cannot load blahblahblah." I got scared but my Jonathon was still fully intact. Then I donwloaded Maria and she didn't show up. I redownloaded her and she still wasn't playable. It definitely took my microsoft points though. :[

Please help. Last time I played I downloaded Simon and the Origins Stage and they worked just fine (I was unsurprisingly disapointed at how similar Simon is to Jonathon. :P) Anyways, that DLC works fine, but Maria won't show up! What do???

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I just redownloaded everything. I think the corruption came from having Fuma on mah hard drive but I never bought him. Now all works!