Yet another disappointment to me as I was looking forward to playing this title.

User Rating: 5 | Castlevania: Curse of Darkness PS2
Ok I was looking forward to playing this game from the articles I had read here on gamespot and also the site that I rented the game from, but boy am I glad that I rented the title rather than waisting money on this game.

This game I felt to be repetative and boring, you just keep running around the same sort of layout looking for different items and killing different enemies. the combat system in this game was great with the fast attacks and the fast movement of the character I didnt have many problems with that.

What I did have a problem with is that the camera angle was hard to control and also with it constantly spinning around it often made me feel a little bit of motion sickness leading me to yes thats right turn it off and not bother with it. Had they worked on the camera angles a little longer and also the layout of the levels longer then I think this game would of been a brilliant one.