Should be called Cars 1.1

User Rating: 7 | Cars Mater-National Championship X360

I think I am not the best person to review this game because the movie the game is based from is one of my all time favorite cartoon movies. This is really a second game released related to the Cars Movie but with very few changes to the overall release. One thing very noticeable is one character missing from the whole game. Sally the blue Porsche is nowhere to be seen. Her Inn is there but just not her and no other character even mentions her throughout the game.

Game play: 7/10

This game is basically the same game from the original Cars released with a few changes. You still get to drive Lightning Mcqueen but you will have to drive Mater a little bit more in this release. The game layout of three different maps with mini games / races scattered all throughout the map. The object is to gather enough wins to unlock more races to eventually open up all the maps. I think the best improvement was taking out the Post card Quest that was in the last game. A few of the improvements was the collecting of parts to upgrade your car with looks or performance. There are more races in this version but remain fairly easy. I found the tractor tipping was much easier in this version with a few less courses but involved more thought.

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics are the same as last time with no improvement at all. The characters are recognizable in 3-D but most if not all the backgrounds are done in 2-D. The cut scenes are limited. The races with their camera angles do provide easy navigation all through the courses.

Sound and Music: 7/10

The voices of all the cast do sound like their Hollywood Actors and Actresses so the voice quality remains high. The sounds of Radiator Springs is still there and makes you feel right at home with all the traffic driving by. The ingame soundtrack has been revamped with more familiar songs.

Difficulty: 2/10 (Degree of skill to enjoy the game)

This is definitely made for younger gamers with advanced gamers especially racers finding each course / race very easy. The few puzzles in the Tractor tipping can be traversed within one or two tries. With no postcard quest there is nothing that challenging in this version of the game.

Final Thoughts:

I believe this game should have been released as a DLC (Down Loadable Content) and not a full fledged game. There is very few differences to generate reason for a person to get this game if there already have the original. One person can finish the game within five to seven hours with all the quest and side missions done. I would say if your not a game collector you should just rent this one and not buy it.