Is this what we can expect out of game developers!?

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I never post comments. I never even register as a member on sites like this. I've done so especially to warn anyone considering paying money for this heap of s(*&. I'm annoyed that I've wasted six hours of my life giving this game the benefit of the doubt Considering that it's the end of 2012 and we have games that can read your mind, do your taxes and make you a cup of tea while you play them, this lack of quality in a game is bewildering. Graphics: not that impressive. characters less detailed than halo (2001) *but the lighting is modern. great if you like epilepsy Game Engine: abysmal. on par with carmageddon (1997) AI (combat): Non existent. enemies sometimes won't even register that you're in front of them. Doom I had better AI (1993) AI (path finding): AI controlled vehicles will actively seek out obstacles to blow themselves up on. i swear i've seen a robot vacuum cleaner do better (circa 2000). Environment: it's not that hard to create an engaging 3D environment! Heavy Gear II did it better in 1999. Story: Pah! Better dialogue and emotional depth in Pac Man (1980). Across the board, this game is about 15 years behind its time. How do you screw up what was potentially a winning concept this badly!? here endeth the rant p.s. don't buy it
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I guess I'll wait for the sequel.