The best XBLA game yet, even if the music does suck.

User Rating: 8.6 | Carcassonne X360
First off, this game is great. The tutorial is any easy step into the game and the buttons and configuring is very easy-to-use and understandable.

Gameplay (9) - Extremely good. Strategic. Changes every game, especially when you play with 5 players. However, some players may take a longer amount of time than you wish on their turn (but there are turn time limits which can be put into effect). The game is simple enough to learn in under 30 minutes, and addictive enough to play for a long time. If you liked Catan or any strategic board game, chances are you will like this.

Sound (6) - Not great, but sound isn't really important to this game. You can just turn on the stereo and mute the actual game. Nothing much of a drawback.

Graphics (8)- I loved the 3d modeling and the ability to zoom-in or out at your own leisure. When you first place a tile, the tile isn't all that animated and is pretty plain. But once that tile is fully connected, it pops out and becomes very colorful and vivid. I thought this was a nice touch. The plain tiles aren't distracting so you can see exactly what is on the piece without distraction. And once it is fully used, the piece becomes a lot more enjoyable.

Overall this game is great. The replayability is pretty high and the online support is very fun. Smack talking on a boar game? I didn't realize it was so fun. If you don't like thinking or strategy, I wouldn't reccommend this. But otherwise, pick this one up.. (or just purchase it off the market).