Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 Cheats For Dreamcast

  1. Select a fighter's 7th and 8th colours

    At the character selection screen, press X+Y+Z/L to select a fighter's 7th colour and A+B+C/R to select a fighter's 8th colour. (The first six colours are selecting by pressing X, Y, Z, A, B or C.)

    Contributed by: Marauder 

  2. Change Team Order Before Match

    Before each match, the VS. screen will show portraits of your fighters, each of them labelled ''1'', ''2'', or ''3'' (in the order you originally selected them.) You can change the team order by selecting the first *and* second members of your team. Obviously, if you only have two members on your team you don't have to choose the second member.

    To choose the first team member: press LP+LK for fighter ''1'', MP+MK for fighter ''2'', HP+HK for fighter ''3''.

    To choose the second team member: repeat the above step.

    You can press ''Start'' (or do nothing) at any time to stop changing the order. When you press ''Start'', your remaining team slots will be filled in the order the characters were originally selected.

    Contributed by: Marauder 

  3. Taunt

    Hold A then press Start to Taunt

    Contributed by: Kit 

  4. Extra Options in Color Edit Mode

    While editing your characters colors, press the start button and a new set of hidden editing options will open on the left hand side of the screen.

    Contributed by: Pink Spider 

  5. Finest KO

    To obtain a finest KO, satisfy one of the following:

    1) counter a super move with a special move
    2) counter a special move with a level 3 super
    3) counter a super move with a super move
    4) finish an opponent with a level 3 super who is taunting

    for 2) & 3), one can start with any normal/special move that counter the special/super move, as long as the finishing hit is the level 3 super, finest KO will appear.

    Contributed by: Spenze 

  6. Fight Mini-Bosses

    Satisfy all of the following conditions:
    - get at least 800 points
    - never get hit by more than 5 first hits in any match
    - have at least 2 CC finish or Super finish

    Geese/Vega will appear after the 4th match ( the match before the final round )

    Contributed by: Spenze 

  7. Unlockables

    Code Effect
    To obtain unlimited Groove Edit points, complete ''All Survivor Mode.'' This will work even if you've enabled EX options such as invincibility (Life Gauge Type = ''No Damage'') or unlimited supers (Groove Gauge Type = ''Infinity''). Obtain Unlimited Groove Edit Points
    Beat both Shin Gouki and God Rugal in the Arcade Mode. <br />To access the new Game Mode,highlight Arcade Mode,hold X+Y,then confirm it.Release X and Y after you see the Player Select Screen. Unlock Boss Battle Mode
    To unlock the EX (Extra) Options, defeat Boss Battle Mode. Unlock EX Options
    Beat normal Akuma/Gouki or Rugal, thus finishing the game. NOT God Rugal or Shin Akuma/Gouki. Unlock Groove Edit Mode
    Do at least 2 of: get 1000+ GPS by the end of the game, get four or more special KOs, beat mini-boss, or get at least two Level 3 Super Move Finishes Fight Akuma/Gouki or Rugal

    Contributed by: Marauder 

  8. Unlock the secret bosses

    Fulfill at least 2 of these conditions: get more than 1500 GPs at the end of the game, defeat the mini-boss (Geese or Vega) and get at least 1 Finest KO. The secret bosses will appear depending on the groove you're using (listed below):

    Code Effect
    Use C, A or P groove God Rugal
    Use S, N or K groove Shin Akuma

    Contributed by: Makibara 

  9. Character specific dialogue/taunts

    Enter these codes after winning a stage

    Code Effect
    Hold Start + FP Makes a character say something specific to the opponent
    Hold Start + FK Makes a character talk with a team member

    Contributed by: OmniMirror 

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