Beautiful, fun and easy, how cares if you can´t die?

Really How cares if you can´t die?

I don´t play games to die, I play games to have fun, lots of fun, and prince of Persia gave me just that. I just can´t let my hands go out of the controls till i finished the game, yes that a good game, a game that keeps you going and going.

Also I was really tired of the darkish games, so this is not absolutely light game but the fun it´s that you bring the light into the darkness, beautiful graphics, nice history that´s what I spectate from a game.

OK I don't give it a 10 just cause I like some more swearing in a game, the game its so "E" for everyone, that sometimes I would like it to be a little nastier.

I insist in the you can´t die feature, but that don´t means that you wont have to repeat some courses when you fail them, but that you are no restating from God knows when you did your last save game or the game auto saved, but just from the last ledge you were standing. So if you like a very frustrating game that gets you back to the beginning of a level when you get a phone call and missed pressing the right button then this is not a game for you, but if you just want to keep playing and playing and having fun till the end of a game, buy this game right away.

There´s also one more feature why can´t give this game a 10 and its the xbox360 pad monopoly, Something have to be made out of this, you can´t obliterate me to buy this control when I have a great control pad, and even when I got to manage to use set the keys into it there was no vibration feature, I hate that, and every game that comes out seems to be a xbox360 controller only, there are laws against monopoly and they have to be put into use!

Anyway like a said in the title beautiful, funny, easy this is my kind of game, just a little childish but still if they keep the saga I would keep playing it!