Without Pokemon Diamond or Pearl and Wi-Fi, there's not much freedom.

Pokemon Battle Revolution is a good game, but I have to say that It's sorta an addition to Diamond and Pearl.

The game's good sides is the transferring Pokemon from D&P and seeing them on the big screen, getting Magmortar and Electrivire with codes from Pokemon.com, getting surfing Pikachu to D&P, and Wi-Fi battles.

The bad sides, the game chooses the Pokemon you get, you can't walk in the game like Pokemon XD or Colosseum, no items are allowed except for holded items, no leveling up/new moves, and it's a little boring after you finish the game.

The buttons, anyways, is smooth, you just aim the Wii remote and click the A button. That's all of the gameplay. The Pokemon do the work.

Graphics: 4 and a half Stars

Gameplay:3 and a half Stars

Motion Usage:1 Star