What the it lacks in campaign it more than makes up for in multiplayer!

Don't trust gamespot this title is an amazing game for the Wii. Thats what you must keep in mind when you see this title is that is a Wii game and compared to any other Wii FPS this game beats them hands down but compared to a 360 or PS3 FPS then you will be let down. If you own only a Wii this title is a must buy. The Multiplayer is the bread and butter of this title. With three different game types you can join: Free for All, Team Reaper, and Team Objective. In Free for All you can choose from any game type may it be just a kill fest or a crazy round of ASE football it is a good starting ground. In Team Reaper you will be paired with players of your skill lvl and tasked with the elimination of the other team, with lvl ranging from the open streets to tight turning bunkers this multiplayer choice is for beginners and veterans alike. Last but not least is Team Objective, in here you will be tasked to steal an apposing teams flag (ASE) or snag the neutral ASE for your team. With the constant offense and defense this is a match made for veterans. Its safe to say that multiplayer will keep you playing for hours a day. The campaign is generic and winds up feeling dated but was a good effort.