**This is a Short Review**
This game is great, I believe that the more harder the game is. There are alot of goods to this game, Heavy textured enviroment, Great Enemys, Different weapons, and the power to use magic (Ninpo). Play the game a short 2-3 times and you'll know all the controls and basics. There are also the bad sides to this, There is the problem with the camera, another problem ishow Ryu locks on to his enemys, trying to get a boss with magic, and you endup killing a minion. And the enemys get irritating, say Beserkers, once in Eternal legends, i was trying to wall jump, trying to do the Cicada Blade and I ended up getting hit 4 times by the shoulder and died. But the game is good at visuals, enemys and bosses. Just buy the game, Don't Rent it. Also the unlockables and the are worth it and the Arcade Ninja Gaiden is can be played with 2 Players.