MPG: Most pitiful game

User Rating: 3 | Call of Juarez: The Cartel PS3
I bought this game, not expecting much, but not expecting it to be as stupid and cheesy as it is. To start out, this game has a single player campaign and a multiplayer. I started out with the campaign. There are 3 characters, and you chose which one you play as. Expect your AI partners to do absolutely nothing in most situations. The shooting is boring and repetitive. Your characters and enemies have some quotes. They repeat the quotes over and over every mission to the point where you'll be tempted to yell "shut up!" as loud as you can at the screen. When I saw this game's graphics, I felt like I'd been put in a time machine and sent back to the early 1990s.

The mulitplayer is what shined for me. Unfortunately, I could never get into a match because there was never a match with enough people in it. Some of the modes were called, trafficking, team gang match, etc.

All in all skip this game. It fails. Not even worth renting.