Sickest shooter i've ever played

User Rating: 10 | Call of Juarez: Gunslinger PC
Right off the bat i noticed this game has some of the grittiest, most detailed, unique graphics i have ever seen. It does not use a traditional color pallette like most games it uses a very unique color tone its very hard to describe but it looks INCREDIBLE.

The game itself is just a masterpiece, i honestly feel like i am in some sort of quentin tarentino/red dead redemption/tripping on acid type of movie.. The guns couldn't be better. They feel and sound so raw and rough around the edges just like you would expect any gun from that era. The second i picked up a bolt action rifle i felt like the universe/planets/stars all aligned to make up for that beautiful moment. Billy the kid is leaning aside a window and rounds are ripping through the walls and he just tosses you this old fashion wooden single action rifle and you just start picking off deputies one by one headshot after headshot. The gun sounds amazing "pap" as the heads implode with blood and their hats go flying. I just can't stop playing this epic little $15 game. And it has all the bells and whistles of a $60 game. There is different levels of experience gained for headshots, distance headshots, guys running bonus'.. There is basically all different forms of bonus' depending on how you kill your enemy. And you get to use your skill points to unlock really awesome stuff, you would have to play through the game multiple times to unlock everything. You have to choose wisely as there are three different branches of unlocks with dozens of perks in each. And all perks offer something significant (not just like +5% increased damage or anything boring like some other games offer)

It has an amazing story that you don't have to devote brain effort to following, you hear him narrating his story to his buddies as you go along (you are basically re-living the story as he tells it to his buddies around a campfire or something)

This game is SICK you will not regret buying this game. I have it minimized in the bottom left of my screen right now i just felt this game deserved a good review!

I absolutely agree with you about the game's story you talked. This game gives us real excitement and as soon as Silas talks i start to be excited and there's no need to talk rest of it. Sometimes i can not understand whether i'm in the game or in the western territories :)