Call of Juarez: Gunslinger PC Review

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Where is the review for the PC version of this game?
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The PC review seems not to be there. Here it is, in short: when you realize they are replaying the same map 5 times over again, don't have as much faith as me to think that it's only the beginning and that there will be more; because as soon as it starts to get fun, the game's over. Even with finding most of the secrets and taking time on some levels, it took about 4-5 hrs to complete (I went downstairs to take out the garbage, during this time, as well). Only redeeming feature is that they didn't make the cut-scenes mandatory in order to make the game seem longer. :-)
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I must be a really lousy player. I've been playing games on PC for 3 years, playing many hours a day...and I think this game in many respects is too hard. I don't think it's fun to get killed over and over and over ad nauseam. I wish they'd make the least difficult setting easier, for those of us who like playing and probably aren't very good.