User Rating: 8.5 | Call of Duty: World at War PC
I thought the graphics were a nice, if subtle improvement over Modern Warfare and the single player campaign was at least as good. I didn't find the story as powerful as MW though, but the combat was well paced. I thought some of the guns were hard to use because it was difficult keeping them loaded for the duration of the mission, so the choice of arms was somewhat dictated by the availability of ammo. As the WWII counterpart to MW, I think this game is on par. MW probably wins in some of the clever ways they staged the action but I think this game has better large scale shoot outs. I was again disappointed by the length of the single player campaign. I felt that it was not adequate for the two story lines they tried to squeeze into it. Still, nothing in this game detracts it from upholding the CoD standard. If you like CoD, this is a safe and good buy, so don't be deterred by some of the people expecting this to be MW2 for some odd reason.