CoD5 is the best FPS on Wii yet. The game itself is excellent, and it's biggest flaw is what it lacks.

User Rating: 9 | Call of Duty: World at War WII
After CoD4 came out with no Wii release, many of us Wii-only owners were disappointed. It really was a shame, but Activision has had mercy and brought their next game in the series to the Nintendo Wii.The game plays just like any other FPS on the Wii. Move with the nunchuck, press B to fire, and switch your weapons with the D-pad. Many other controls are implemented as well. By default, C is crouch, Z is sight/scope, A is dash, D-pad down is melee, minus is reload, and plus is grenade. There are other control settings as well, melee and reload controls can be mapped to motion gestures, and the Wii Zapper is compatible.

Wii owners have been waiting for this moment.
Finally, we get to experience this famed Call of Duty multiplayer we've heard so much about. When I bought this game, I really didn't care about the campaign. It was all multiplayer for me. Truth is, the CoD multiplayer lives up to it's claims. It's just as good as you've heard. MOHH2 brought great Wii multiplayer to the table, but CoD5 blows it away. Unlike MOHH2, CoD5 has a ranking system which keeps you hooked for a long time. Choose your gamemode (deathmatch of CTF) and you're off. Killing one of the eight players in a match gives you 10 XP (experience). At the end of the match, depending on how well you did, you get an XP bonus. These are the two main ways to get XP, which is used to level up. By doing so, you unlock new weapons and "perks." Perks are a very interesting concept that spices up the multiplayer quite a bit. Perks affect certain things about your player, that can give you an edge. Some examples include Juggernaut, which gives you more health, Second Chance lets you whip out a pistol as you die, and M1 Bazooka...Gives you an M1 Bazooka. There are many perks and weapons so experiment with them to find your perfect set. There are five slots you can save perk/weapon configurations to. You can change these during battle so configure them for different situations. The six maps are all very well done, but you'll probably find one or two that you like best.

There are only two big flaws in the mutiplayer package. The first, is that matches are somewhat random. You choose your gamemode, then the game sets you into a lobby where the maps are randomly chosen, the kill limit is 30, and the time limit is 10 min. This setup works fine, but it would have been nice if you could set up your own custom servers like in MOHH2. You get used to it though. One nice little feature is that if you don't like the map your about to play, you can press C to vote to skip it. Get enough votes and another map will randomly be chosen. Sometimes the game will choose the same map again though, which can be annoying. Thankfully, if you exchange friend codes with a player, you CAN set the game up just as you like. The second flaw is that for some reason, the Wii version of CoD5 isn't compatible with map-packs. PS3 and 360 users get new maps while Activision was too lazy to give us Wii owners the same opportunity. The dev's laziness saddens me on the whole deal.Now on to the campaign.

Once you get sick of the multiplayer, you ought to head here. The game is rated for strong language which would make the game unplayable. Thankfully, the game has a content filter which blocks about 99% of it. While rather short, the campaign is a blast to play. There are 14 missions in all, each lasting about 30-45 min. Different missions will toggle between two different plots, American and Russian. Unlike the MoH series, this game has a very immersive plot. Your comrades will die before your eyes, reminding you that war is no game. There really were soldiers, thousands, that suffered and died for our freedom. The background music is also excellent. A haunting orchestra and choir will add much emotion to the game. A couple times I heard a bit of a "rocky" sound to the music. As cool as it was, it seemed un-fitting in a WWII shooter. As said before, on the fun scale, the game is awesome. Sometimes, you'll just be moving through a building or battlefield, shooting whoever stands in your way. Other times, you'll be doing different sorts of things. Manning an MG, setting charges, calling in air-strikes, and even driving a tank! The campaign doesn't get tedious for sure. There are four difficulties. Easy, normal, hard, and very hard. I played on the hard difficulty setting because I thought my multiplayer experience would give me an edge. Not so. Campaign requires a bit more care and cover so despite the fun, it did get a bit frustrating at times. I would recommend normal for starters and then hard if you want a challenge.

Sadly, the Wii port of the game lacks some other 360/PS3 features. There is no "Nazi Zombies" which I hear is a blast, nor is there any local multiplayer. The closest things to local multiplayer is drop-in, drop-out piggyback co-op included in the campaign. Once again, the dev's laziness is shameful in this area.Despite it's lack of some extra modes, the Wii port of CoD5 is the best FPS on the Wii I've played yet. While it's campaign might not be the longest, the multiplayer will keep you playing for hours at a time. Keep a look out for me. NintendoNaut. I'm level 59 now, almost to the final level of 65. Hope to see ya there.