CoD:World at war. Best of the worst.

User Rating: 4.5 | Call of Duty: World at War PC
So World at War. This was a game I looked forward to playing, after hearing countless recommendations from friends I finally bought it and was terrifically let down by the sheer lack of immersion and historical accuracy.
There are many contrasting area's in the game, like you get a great down and dirty feel for a foot soldier throughout the story but it's let down by such a short story mode which is constantly broken up by the other parellel missions which gives a jarred feel and doesn't take you in like previous Call of Duty's.

The other thing I shall say about the story is that you don't really get any attachment to any of the charecters your fighting along side. The game try's really hard to get you to feel something everytime one of your comrades is shot, stabbed or blow to smithereens. If you have played the CoD4 campaign to the end you most likley will have felt something towards your comrades, why they couldn't take this aspect and reincarnate it like everything else I don't know.

Now for the multiplayer and like everyother FPS after CoD4 - Weapon customization.
I don't understand why they took a world war 2 shooter and tryed to turn it into Modern Warfare. Its like taking a steam train and turning it into a nuclear submarine. A ACOG scope on a Thompson, a silencer on a BAR, they didnt have enough metal for some of these guns to be made half the time so why would they waste time adding silencers and red dot sights for the dull mass of the infantry.
The only thing that brings this game to the best of the worst is obviously Nazi Zombies. It was one of the main points that crops up in any argument in favour of this game, with out a doubt one of the most poppular multiplayer zombie modes (can't really call it a game) today.
By combining world war 2 weapons and zombies you have many people's dreams rolled into one. Having to play through the story to unlock this mode shows me a reason for having a short story, a flimsey one yes but still a reason. The only thing I can say against this mode is a lack of ammo and good team mates =P.

The nazi zombie game mode is the only reason why I would buy this game but if I were you, id spend it on Left4Dead, Killing Floor or any other zombie games rather than have to live through Sgt Reznov shouting "Demitri" every 10 seconds!