epic but a little old.

User Rating: 9 | Call of Duty: World at War PC
solid and awesome game play. only problems r the the technical difficulties. on of the best ww2 shooters. in fact the best ww2 game of 2008-most of 2009. this game will delight anyone who cares for WWII. arguably the best Call Of Duty. anybody who says Call Of Duty World At War sucks, probably sucks at the game and is talking trash bout it because hes not good (but it takes a some skill to play this game). Nazi zombies gives this game a boost. worth the 50 bucks you pay. sadly you need a very good computer to run this game. another problem is that ww2 first person shooters are very old. World At War feels a little old. but that does not mean it is boring. the campaign is kind of short but the multiplayer is funner than cod4 multiplayer, it kept the coustom classes and the perks. the map packs are great. and the good thing is. it's free!