You say: To each his own. I say: Rather only to scratch the annual itch...

User Rating: 10 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PC

Singleplayer review only:

Same old thing. Small confined areas. Static graphics, static sky. A few new weapons. The ability to have alternate zoom. Ummm, hey you get to see Price and Soap again and you get to play as other mute characters. Umm, you can also use knife and stuff... That's pretty much it.

The minuses:

1. Same engine as 4 years ago.

2. Can't see your legs; no casting of shadow

3. Barely any recoil even from machine guns

4. No way to turn off the stupid incessant loud banding music except to go to the main directory and rename the "miles" folder to "dismiles"

5. No destructive environment.

6. Re-spawning enemies.

7. Dumb AI charging you by the dozens while you mow them down.

8. Dumb AI that keeps shooting your corpse without reloading even after you are dead.

9. Predictable outcomes of the missions (major spoilers during the tutorial but I guess that's debriefing); predictable last minute rescues by the fellow soldiers.

10. Horrible looking water, still

11. The New York City Brooklyn and Queens sky scraper backgrounds are a lie. There's only one visible "sky scraper" in Queens

12. Annoying red screen indicating you are near death when you magically recover.

13. Little difference between weapon handling and fire rate, a times shooting with pistol is more satisfying.

14. Outrageous plot, but okay.

15. Inception technique theft on the Air Force One plane.

16. Same philosophical quotes that appear after you die as 8 years ago with the first COD.

The positives:

1. A few cinematic single-player moments that cost millions to make.

2. New missions with different background.

3. I had fun writing this ...umm review...and trolling.