Menu Lag

#1 Posted by zeroxkiller535 (351 posts) -

Sometimes the menu lags randomly and along with that, i can't connect to service whenever the menu starts lagging (this is really random) anyone know why and how to fix this?

#2 Posted by dilutedelysium (25 posts) -

I always hit the xbox button in the middle of the remote and it seems to make it stop.  It might just be done loading as well and I just happen to bring up the guide menu right when it loads too.  lol   try it though it might work mine does it alot.

#3 Posted by Shawcross (1265 posts) -

Mine used to do that as well everytime I loaded up the game. It stopped after one of the previous updates though. Haven't seen it in months. I would hit the guide button on my controller as well like the poster above me stated to stop it.