A copy and paste of all other CoD games, best feature is the new special ops mode

User Rating: 5.5 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 X360
Call of duty 4 was brilliant but it's success has produced a monster, a new CoD installment every year which is the same game again and again even the box arts look the same. The story is weak it's best part is the fact it is extremely short there are around 10 levels. Levels structure is fun and they are enjoyable to play don't get me wrong but it's all be done before, there is nothing that takes your breath away. Clearing houses is fun and gun fights are satisfying but it is clear the focus in development was the online play. Within the campaign there is little to nothing new. And the general story is explosion, you are knocked out, you get up you fight rise and repeat.The story does have an unexpected twist and the final level has great pace but the game has nothing to make it unique and stand out to the great influx of modern first person shooter. This game is very much for wasting time and messing around with friends but it is far from something that real gamer will hold on to.

The best and most enjoyable feature is the spec ops mode, this is new and extremely fun my favorite part of the game. It consists of different challenges varying in difficultly this is such fun alone but is perfect with split screen co-op. You will be addicted to striving to achieve gold medal on every challenge. In my view this is the game saving grace.

Online isn't as good as in Call of duty 4, server feel rather laggy this isn't my internet connection as CoD4 plays fine still. The game in whole feels like a new map pack and not a new game. The worst part of the whole call of duty series is now the community and money grabbing nature of the producers. The are so many fanboys online, I refuse to play online with a head set and other voices muted. I am not against Call of Duty I was a huge fan of the first four games. But now there is a release every year which is basically the same game made for one soul purpose to milk player out of there money. Instead of releasing a new Call of Duty every year, which contains a poor story and new maps but to make an online only version of the game and then take time on making a enthralling story with new edition coming out every now and then not every 12 months. For now this is and has been the last call of duty I have brought or even seen remotely interested it i. I hope one day I feel I can return to the series I once loved, when the makes put some love back in the game and produce some defining feature that will make we want to keep playing years to come