Do people still play MW2 for the PS3?

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Do players still play this game for the PS3 (I don't own an xbox)? The reason why I asked is because recently, one of my friends introduced me to MW2 for the Xbox, and I find it to be a lot more fun than MW3, on the Xbox. But you know, the Xbox community for CoD games are most likely populated with players to compete against. But what about the PS3 community for CoD? What is the community like for CoD: MW2 for PS3? Do enough players that play Sabotage and Demolition (my favorite game modes :D )? Are there lot of hackers? In my opinion, I find CoD: BO (Which I own for the PS3, currently - My first CoD game) to be fun, because it is very well balanced and the killstreaks are not as OP. I enjoy MW2, because everything is OP and I think it is just a fun game to be a troll in every once and awhile, and not to be taken seriously (because, lets face it. Everyone noob tubes! xD )
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Now days, most lobbies have a few hackers inside of them. Can make gameplay extremely annoying.

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I tried playing some MW2 today, there were quite a few hackers and it was quite annoying...
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I am new to this forum so sorry if I say something that I'm not suppose to, but is there anybody out there willing to give me a free mod menu? If so, then add my PSN account: monster07kx85 no caps. Please and thank you! :)
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I only play the campaign, online doesn't interest me at all. Unless its campaign co-op. Sadly MW2 doesn't have it :(. Last i played MW2 was last year, i normally go on W@W/Black Ops and try/struggle to complete the game on Vet which is currently proving very difficult :(