Is season pass worth it?

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As the topic says. Is it worth it? 


I never bought any DLC for the franchise. I don't know if they bring out a ton of new DLCs or not. But if they are only making just a few, then what's the point of season pass? Season pass makes it sound like they will bring out a ton of DLCs... 

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It really depends on how much of the DLC you plan to purchase & play, and whether you intend to keep the game long term.  I have a few of the packs for BlOps 2, and I did not purchase the pass.  I normally snag the points cards from BB whenever I get a $5.00 off gift cert.  As for long term, it depends on you.  If you plan on playing the game for a few months or your switching systems for next gen, I would not recommend it.  Although, I remember reading an article in July or August, where Activision stated your DLC purchases will transfer to next gen.  So if you have a 360, and buy a X1, it's supposed to transfer.

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I agree, its definitely open to the interpretation of the individual. Personally, I tend to invest in the Season Pass for Treyarch Call of Duty games because I am a big fan of zombies. Infinity Ward still lacks anything worth me subscribing to the season pass. However, Infinity Ward is adding a new game type, extinction. Which I see as strikingly similar to zombies, except with aliens. I guess I will find out a week from today! For now I would say don't invest in it, and wait to see how you like the game. Since you can subscribe to the season pass at any time for the same price, it's definitely much smarter to wait.

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107 dollars at :)