Internet Connection Question

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I have been play COD for many years. I have always just hooked my Xbox 360 straight up to the router and never thought anything else about it. I have always been an OPEN NAT and while I have had some small issues there hasn't been anything serious. Recently however, I noticed that my connection is greatly affecting my play in COD: Ghosts multiplayer online. I have seen my stats and capability to play functionally steadily decrease over the course of the last month. My question stems from the concept of port forwarding. Most of the time when I see an article or website pertaining to port forwarding, it is a means to eliminate any issues relate to obtaining an OPEN NAT. My internet connection is 30 down, 5 up, and a ping of 10, and has been for quite some time. I am only looking to understand why I am experiencing a difference in game play now all of sudden and if there are any fixes that could get me back to where I used to be? Any and all help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.