Annoying cutscenes.

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty: Black Ops PC
I've played all the PC versions of the Call of Duty franchise thus far and recently finished Black Ops. While the gameplay sections of the game were good (and consistent with the rest of the series), I found the cutscenes to be very annoying. The game lets you skip through some parts of the cutscenes, but you have to sit through the beginnings of them (even if you die and have to repeat a section).

The gameplay was varied, you got to drive vehicles, fly helicopters and take a ride on a SR-71 Blackbird. They get high points for the varied nature of the game.

Not sure if I really liked the brainwashing plot of the story. There were too many times by the end of the game that you're basically watching a movie rather than playing a game. By the end of the game I was glad to have the game over, which isn't what you want from your audience. Not sure if I'll play Black Ops 2, have to wait and see what the reviews are like.