Best COD ever?

User Rating: 10 | Call of Duty: Black Ops PC
In my opinion, one of the best call of duty games ever, following on for MW2, the other potential best ever COD game and this certainly didn't disappoint. One of the best campaigns of any game i've ever played although many people struggle to understand it and it can be confusing. I would say that this is better than MW3 which wasn't as good as MW2 probably because it was made by a variety of game making companies after a legal dispute between Infinityward (the creators of MW series) and Activision (the Call of Duty publishers) and Black ops 2 comes out 13/11/12. The story line is going to continue on Black ops 2, which will also be made by Treyarch (Who make this game and lots of the other games in the call of duty series, such as world at war). The multiplayer is one of the best out of any game I have played and the only multiplayer that can compete with this is MW2's. Also included on Black ops is the zombie mode which has many improvements to that from world at war and also adds to what is truly a fantastic, must buy game.