Among the series, this has the best campaign story for me.

User Rating: 9 | Call of Duty: Black Ops PC
There are the Modern Warfare series which were highly emotional and action-packed but still Black Ops still comes out of the top of my list.

It's still fictional but since Black Ops is based on real life events especially during the time before I was born and where I only heard them on books or other media it has a certain realism to it. It made me liked the game.

I don't know about other CoD games, but when I aim down my sights on my SCAR, one thing I noticed is that the sight moves with me. Try it so that you'll know what I mean. It's another plus.

Another thing is that the weapons found here belong to an era decades ago(maybe most). It is a bit refreshing for me not to look down at a laser sight. And there's that damn H&K rifle, the one with the rectangular futuristic shape. Last I seen it in a game was in the Playstation One. I like.

The graphics are superb. I can see the sweat and pores of my NPC buddies. And combatants spurt blood or will lost a limb or two when hit. Which make me like Black Ops a little bit more.

As for the game that it really is, it's a thoroughly enjoyable shooter. Plus the zombie mode bit made it a little bit more enjoyable. It's a break from the ruthless FPS gaming.