A great game but multiplayer is hampered by the community, and lack of support as of 1/1/13.

User Rating: 9 | Call of Duty: Black Ops PC
I had this for the PS3, and I loved it. Steam had a sale so I got it for PC, because PC graphics are far superior to console versions. Also, since I was disappointed with Black Ops 2s lack of foot step I wanted to play this one on a better machine.

A few issues I had were the sound is limited. I mean on my PS3 I had an option for "surround headphones", but on the PC version, it only had "headphones" with no surround option for any setting available.So the sound is not quite as good as the PS3 version, but it is close. The crispness and the far superior textures on the graphics end more then make up for the sound.

Also multiplayer is a joke here. There is a reason I only play COD multiplayer, because you normally choose the game type you want, and it will place you in that game, and maps will rotate normally, and the rules are set. With this one, COD Black Ops, you must pick a server, which doesn't sound bad, but it is. In Free For All, there are basically only two maps to play. Nuketown and Array, and these are my two least favorite maps. Partly because Nuketown was always voted for to play a second time on the PS3, so I got sick of it. On the PC version most servers are the Nuketown map 24/7, and this just illustrates why it is not good to let common people control the servers. They are idiots. There are just not alot of people supporting this version. Is the Steam version exclusive to Steam customers?

I wanted to get Ninja Pro, but the requirements are that you need to sneak to place a charge in Demolition, or similar types, but nobody is playing those game types. So I may never get the pro status on any perk. Fortunately, there is Combat Training, were you play against bots, and that is fine by me. I often prefer it to multiplayer, when connection speeds are messed up. But you cannot beat the competition of real people, so I will miss the multiplayer aspect.

But this whole exercise just illustrated the importance of foot steps to me. I try to play Black Ops 2 again to get a multiplayer fix, but it is just too stupid with no enemy footsteps. It is like you are deaf. They took one of my senses away, and it makes the game suffer because of it.