Good game, some flaws but still that CoD feeling.

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty: Black Ops PC
Call of Duty: Black ops is an honorable game that I would recommend, but there is no question there is a lot of flaws to the game. To get started I want to state the good parts of the game. No doubt about it, the Zombies mode that you saw on World at War, is back and better than ever. The new Easter eggs are spectacular, and the new maps really add on to the Zombies story. Although Zombies has some minor issues like not featuring the Mac 11, Uzi, etc. I really enjoy playing it.
In Black ops campaign you take the roll of Alex Mason a young man in the military who is abducted. As Mason is abducted he has to tell his captures info about his military missions. Through flashbacks you play as Mason battling his way through war. I personally have nothing to say about campaign mode except that it is to the point, therefore, mediocre.
Now lets talk about multiplayer. One thing I wanted to point out is the CoD points. Are they really necessary? I liked the old way, unlocking guns and other stuff as you work your way through the ranks. But other than that multiplayer is pretty good. The map-packs are awesome, and most importantly there is no problems with the controls.
Bring all this together and you have a pretty good game.