Focusing mostly on the multiplayer, Black Ops 2 is just embarrassing and broken, and here's why...

User Rating: 5 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II X360
COD games have had their ups and downs. The best, in my honest opinion would be Black Ops 1. Treyarch did everything that Infinity Ward should have done. It had a great campaign mode. But, most importantly, it had the greatest multiplayer. The pace to it was just right. In BO1, the action was slightly slower than Modern Warfare, meaning your reaction time didn't have to be absolutely perfect when two people fight for a kill in multiplayer. Zombies mode was also great, it was monotonous at times, but fun and extremely addicting. Let me make one thing clear, I didn't want to despise this game. Black Ops 1 is one of my favorite FPS games of all time, and with Treyarch working on the sequel, I had high hopes.

Black Ops 2, it just feels buggy and unfinished. The servers are horrendous. You will be migrating hosts much more frequently than BO1, and it takes longer to resume the game than all other previous COD games. The lag is an absolute joke, and trust me, it's got nothing to do with my router. There are obvious hit detection problems in the online multiplayer. Don't get me wrong, BO1 had hit detection problems too, but nowhere near as terrible as this. I'm convinced that they didn't use a ballistics engine in this game. If they did, it was a terrible one. When your crosshairs are clearly aimed at an opponent, you can fire about 10 bullets per 2 seconds, and only 2 or 3 of them register as a hit. When you and an opponent are shooting one another at the same time, you swear that you shot first and hit him 3 to 5 times, but according to the killcam, you only hit him once or twice and the other guy got off two or three shots on you and kills you instead. I've seen many killcams of myself, and sometimes a guy is shooting air and it's registering as a hit on me. It also seems like bullets go through the players you're shooting at.

On to the weapons. So far, they have been pathetic and horribly imbalanced. The variety of weapons are not good at all. I'm an assault rifle guy, and BO1 had better choices than this along with better gun stats. The gun stats in BO2 are awful. I could barely tell any difference at all using the automatic assault rifles other than firing rate and accuracy. The thing that kills me is that the last assault rifle you unlock, along with the last light machine gun has only average gun stats. When I work my tail off to level up and unlock guns, the guns better be worth it. Pistols and SMGs are overpowered. Light machine guns are just terrible, and take an eternity to reload. Shotguns have ridiculous range. Sniper rifles, in my honest opinion should be banned from any future COD games. Grenades and Semtex work pretty much the same, and Crossbows are still as annoying as ever. Also, why can't you pull a Semtex or Crossbow arrow off of you if you notice them just in time? You're able to throw back grenades other people send at you, so why aren't you able to do this? When it tells you "Stuck", referring to an arrow or Semtex sticking to you, it might as well say "Nighty Night". Speaking of one hit kills, if you include weapons that cause instant death in a video game, the death better make friggin' sense! The tomahawk shouldn't be an instant kill if it just hits you, especially if it's been thrown from over 50 feet away. I'm not a game designer, but even I know how obnoxiously cheap that is.

Now, the Killstreaks, now known as Scorestreaks. Some of them are upgraded versions of what we already know. But, they got rid of the best part of BO1. I'm talking about if you didn't use your Killstreak reward before restarting a new Killstreak, it stacked up, meaning if you had an RC-XD, a Napalm Strike, and a Sentry Gun, then died, and restarted your killstreak, you still had all three of them. I loved when I had 3 RC-XD's and used them all within a couple minutes. In this game, if you don't use your Scorestreak rewards and you start a new one, you lose the rewards you previously had, which is incredibly stupid. Some Scorestreaks can be extremely cheap. When a Lightning Strike Scorestreak is activated, you get almost no time at all to get to cover because the voice command that lets you know tells you a split second before the bombs hit, giving you no time to get to safety. When a Napalm Strike killstreak is activated in BO1, you get a voice command and around 3 seconds to get to cover before it hits. In BO2, you're screwed when Lightning Strike is activated. Yes, I understand the Mortars in BO1 were ridiculously slow, but this is really overdoing it as to how fast it strikes. Also, when Lightning Strike or Hellstorm Missiles are activated, sometimes even if you are indoors, it still kills you. Treyarch, you didn't program destructive environments in this game, so this makes absolutely no sense. The UAV has been severely downgraded, it's only up for it seems like 10 seconds, and is almost always destroyed by the opposition within about 5 seconds. But the absolute worst Scorestreak ever is the attack dogs. Why is it when a dog jumps you it's instant death? They don't even bite you, they just jump you and you die. How does that even begin to make sense? Give the player a fighting chance when it jumps you to shake it off or knife melee it, but don't make it instant death. Better yet, 86 the stupid dogs! BO1 ticked me off with the dogs, mainly for their uncanny ability to clip through objects you're hiding behind in order to stay away from them. One more thing, you know how in the loading screens, it says, "A well timed knife strike will kill an incoming attack dog"? Don't listen to that crap. With the knife melee being terribly nerfed now, it's almost impossible. Shooting them is easier.

The Perks, along with the Custom Class system have been changed for the worse. The concept was good, but the execution of it failed massively. They have now introduced Wild Cards which you can use to double up on Perks 1, 2, and 3, or add another attachment to your primary weapon, etc. This would have been great, but there's just one problem, you can only have 10 items in a class, and the Wild Cards count towards your 10 items. What kind of sense does that make? You aren't carrying the Wild Card with you. Also, you can only carry one type of lethal equipment, which is a downgrade from all the other COD games. You were able to carry grenades and claymores/bouncing betties before, so why does it have to change now? They got rid of Second Chance, which really irks me because it was my favorite Perk in BO1. The only good thing they did is that the Ghost Perk can only make you invisible from UAV when you're moving, which lowers the risk of campers, but not by enough, unfortunately. You also have to unlock most of the Perks instead of buying them, which is a real chore.

Finally, the bread and butter of FPS games, the online multiplayer. First, let's talk about other gamers. From what I've seen, some gamers have become extremely annoying when it comes to these kinds of games. You know what I'm talking about. CAMPING! It has to stop, people. It's irritating to the players that play the game the way it should be played.

The multiplayer maps are either way too big (Turbine, Drone), or too small (Hijacked). I can understand putting secret areas for people to surprise opponents, but there are just far too many in these maps. What I liked about BO1 multiplayer maps were that they were all a good size, and they were mostly straight forward. Nuketown 2025 is an embarrassment. It is the exact same layout as it was in BO1, only the models of the houses, trailers, and cars have been changed. Why would you include this as DLC, if the previous game had this level built into the game already? To be honest, the only maps I somewhat enjoyed were Slums and Express. Also, the maps for some reason have a ton of areas you can't go to, and if you fall into them, you guessed it, instant death. The question is WHY?!? I'm not playing a platformer, I shouldn't have to worry about falling into a bottomless pit when I'm playing a FPS game!

This brings me to one of the worst problems of this game, SPAWNING. I guarantee rage quitting has occurred because of this. I have been killed so many times because of enemies spawning directly behind me, or they spawn me right into an enemies sights. I have re-spawned and was alive for only three to five seconds, several times. I'm not kidding. Treyarch/Activision, do you have any idea how frustrating that is? You had game testers, right?

Overall, a half-a**ed, overrated sequel. Which is why I'm rating this a much more logical 5 out of 10. I have never sworn so much at a video game in my entire life. Here's a word of advice to Activision/Treyarch, do yourselves a favor and stop releasing these games every year. Spend more than barely a year of development on them, and iron out all of the bugs/hit detection problems/lag so it can be an experience to remember, and not an experience you want to throw out the window, which is pretty much what I did, by giving it to one of my co-workers.