Worst COD ive ever played! Multiplayer is unrealistic and Zombies just downgraded.

User Rating: 4 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II PS3
Worst call of duty yet! Just a **** game from a producer that should be better. 40 bullets in a mag and i unload 20 into a guy but yet 40% of the time he survives, dont waste your money if you have played previous games in the series....only good for first time COD players! The game was way under my expectations and lets the god awful players seem as good as the good players. I have a 2.15 KDR in mw3 and yet i have a 1.3 in this game. Nothing in the game is better than other COD except the create a class system. No way would i get this game again if i could do it over. I figured if i didnt like online that zombies would at least be worth it, well guess again...... its not. I am going to sell this game and wait for a good game to come out from a producer that doesnt half ass games.......GTA 5 from rockstar is definitely the way to go.