User Rating: 1 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II PS3
I really hate this game so much, multiplayer is extremely unbalanced, the guns are awful, zombies mode is crap compared to black ops. The single player is racist and offensive (although all COD games are). What the hell is wrong with the graphics, is it me or are they worse than MW3. I think the money system was much better in BO1 and I hate the new customization interface. I used to enjoy the multiplayer in previous games but this is horrible. This is not a new game it is a new texture pack with a few changes that make it worse.

You can shoot a guy in the face several times, he will shoot you once in the leg and somehow he wins. Everybody in the game sits in a corner camping waiting for someone to pass by although I admit thats not entirely the games fault.

I could not be more disappointed, this is the last time I will fall for the hype of COD. They are just milking the series to the maximum without putting any kind of real effort in and using as many old assets as possible, shame on Treyarch and Activision.

UPDATE: What the hell is wrong with the matchmaking system ?! All it does is add and remove players from the group every second or two and the match never actually starts (even when theres a full group it just starts switching people), it just does this forever and I cant even join a match now, for gods sake...