Sorry modern warfare but Black Ops is developing something

User Rating: 9.5 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II PS3
Have you ever thought that this game will be same as the one before ?
well.. when black ops first came nobody gave much attention to it, but after modern warfare 3 came, people knew that black ops is the next generation for call of duty..

The studio made many improvements in the game.. depending on the fan base
Multiplayer is going to the next level..

Campaign mode is just right! you can choose the weapons u go through each mission as you play the story you unlock weapons and different attachments and perks.

Zombie also made a big appearance to the game as its first began in world war, black ops 2 is taking it to the next level.. by creating a greater scale maps with many options to play through, you can choose the common mode which is survival or you can play a story mode in zombies actually!!

that's all i can say.