Treyarch managed to keep the Black Ops series evolving!

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II PS3
Treyarch managed to keep the Black Ops series evolving!

First I am not sure why people are so angry about the game; let's face it! It's Black Ops not Modern Warfare! Besides why don't you just compare it to all other shooter games of this year and see which would actually win?!

In my opinion the campaign is to fun to play and the plot is good, it's not perfect but just good. The game is easy that is for sure unlike the first Black Ops which was a little harder. Sadly story is too short!

Strike Force missions are way to sloppy, it could have been a lot better for sure, especially since they are essential to campaign. Completing each mission would acquire you a bonus help to your original missions.

Partly during game play choices will be made. It would affect the core game play slightly, not a big deal though.

Multiplayer system has generously been improved, still the game play same as it is! Honestly I think this needs a complete reboot as of the next Call of duty game.

As for visuals, sound, technical specifications, etc. they are good!

I would overall rate the game 8.0 out of 10.