Cod is beiing Overrated Every Year , 8.0 MY A** Glitches, Low resolution Textures, Makes me miss the good, old Cod Games

User Rating: 5 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II X360
Call of duty black ops 2 is just another CoD game, but worse. Black Ops 1 was a good game, good campaign, cool graphics for that time, I didn't find one glitch but in this sequel....

-Good Campaign
-Amazing Voice Acting
-Horse Riding was a good addition to the game
-Multiplayer is Competitive
-Although Competitive Multiplayer seems the same
-Low Resolution Textures on PC
-Crappy Graphics
-Controls Don't work well on PC
-Console Port
-Easy enemies

Call of Duty:Black Ops 2 offers an amazing campaign mode but It falls down on other aspects of the game, such as the graphics, controls and multiplayer.
I found some glitches in game, like characters through walls, exagerated ragdoll effect, etc.

And a word for gamespot reviewers, I love your reviews but you have to do things right, in AC3 you said the game was inovative in every technical aspect but it had glitches so you took down the game to 8.5. BO2 has no inovation with the exception of few things like horse riding in FPS games, and you gave it an 8.0, AC3 also had a good story mode, amazing graphics, good animations etc. Every aspect was good with the exception of glitches. How can you guys give 8.5 to that and 8.0 to call of duty. And I'm giving you one example because there are many others.
I have the feel that companies are paying you to review games.

This was based on the PC version of this game and it feels like a console port.