what kills the MP game... kids

User Rating: 6 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II PC
Like the last CoDBO its the same people killing the game ... little teens. it is always the same little squeaky voices on the mic insulting everybody. i stopped playing after the 5th match like that and went to the campaign. The campaign is OK and the zombies well not much change but still as fun as before.

I suggest playing MP muted you may not be able to hear someone sneaking up behind you but its better than hearing teens screaming insults. that or do private matches with friends that are mature enough to make the game respectable.

zombies here whats not fun about shooting undead critters? but as before you will want to play alone or in a private match. you don't have the teens on the zombies as much but when you play public many will not work as a team and leave you to die when you are down the insults may poor out of the speakers.

The Game it self is good its when others ruin it that its value goes down i recommend purchasing it but as ESRB will say online experiences not rated.

i feel sorry for the little kids who will get on here and vote down this review because many of us know it is true but it talks bad about them.