YouTube LiveStreaming .. ?

#1 Posted by boczor (748 posts) -

so...Treyarch yesterday mentioned that ALL of us could LiveStream our Black Ops 2 games directly through YouTube..


my question is...will the live stream catch our mic chat as well ?  hopefully not...because we know how these kids play these days...droppin N bombs left and right..   probably not good for LiveStream.

#2 Posted by sethschroeder (25 posts) -
No that is great if it catches mic so now their prospective employers can see what morons they are. Most likely the same kids have their gamertag on their facebook.
#3 Posted by The_Rick_14 (9945 posts) -
They said during the gamespot livestream that they can't do that during livestreams due to legal issue so no it won't pick up any of the mic chat.