Xbox Live 2 Day Cards

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Anyone have any 2Day cards they would be willing to give me? My email is if you would please send me an email with the code(s) thank you

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well i have a codes from my halo series it's not for 2 days it's for 18 days they are seperate codes i is for 14 the others 2 is for 2 days seeing i am taking things from halo collector's editons i think a code for a code is a bit fair. if you have a point card code i would be willing to do it. it is from my collectors edition i always try to keep everything together with those believe it or not i have gotten a little bit of money cause everyone uses them or gives them away. i am an avid collectors edtiions buyer for games. if you do not want to do it that's fine with me cause i won't be breaking up my 14 day code tab from halo 4 and 2 two day tabs from halo 3 and halo reach. but choice is yours if you do not want this offer that's fine it's sure not hurting me but i am willing part an i think that's a fair trade off.