Why does this game feel less balanced then BO1

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I recently stopped playing for about two months as I got tired of the constant SMG spam with their ridiculous ROF and range from the hip and returned the other day to see that while certain gun tweaks have been made IE assualt rifles buffed, the game still feels very unbalanced to me, especially in relation to BO1 (although BO1 did have some issues) it just felt like their was less BS to worry about. Now I don't know if it is the map design, the speed or what IDK. (I have this same problem in MW3) and am good/decent at all the others installments. I just feel as though for every positive step 3arch took especially after MW3 as I do think this is a better game overall, I feel as if they took two steps backwards. Anyone else agree/disagree? What can I do to compensate for the smaller CQC.