Trade in price at Gamestop?

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Since there are no rental places that have any copies of this game available, I was planning on buying it, beating the campaign, and then selling it to Gamestop or on

What is Gamestop paying right now for this game?

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Amazon = $34

Best Buy = $20 with additional 50% TiV so total would be $30 ($32 with gamer club pro member)

GameStop doesn't list their TiV so you would have to call up your store. They might give you the typical, "you need to be in store to check." I would guess that it would be around $30 trade in value since that's what the other major retailers are doing.

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Correction, Best Buy is running a promotional for Black Ops II so if you trade it into them you will get $40 in store credit

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thanks bro