stuck in room -HELP(on spider. Robot)

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stuck in  room on spiferrobot and. CanT get out-how do I DO. IT ? Specific directions appreciated. 

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Cmon guys-Help me out. I have watched youtube walkthroughs, read tips-BUT, I can't seem to get through this room with the tubes using the spider robot. What am i missing ? Should I start the mission over again ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.I have tried this for 2-3 hours, but I can never find the opening out of the room. I just keep falling off the tubes and startung again.

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Help I am in the same boat here. When the grandkids can not do it..than it's not all me. I have tried for hours. Still fall off the pipes.
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OK!!! I am out of the room.
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Crawl up the pipes to your right. Once you get to the top..start looking for the opening to your right. This is the one you want. Jump across at this point.