Remember when Call of duty took skill ?

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Cod 3, cod4 when all you had was the gun a grenade and maybe some **** sidearm that could fire 2 bullets every 4 days. Now in bo 2 you can get smgs that fire 8000 bullets a second with no recoil, you can hack equipment through walls with the black hat 2 miles away and bring down choppers with 2 of them, You can see people through walls with the mms **** you dont ever need to know people are there anymore you just aim and the target finder tells you where they are at all times we had thermal and **** in previous cod games but this takes the piss. 

It`s like they took black ops and thought how can we make this easier for kids I honestly dont know why this game is a 18 all you ever hear is kids playing it anyway.  and before you say "your just **** at it" my kd in every cod has been above 3 so i know how to play it. This is why you should never set a game in the future dont be suprised if in the next cod your running about with big laser swords and armour. Then you wont know where cod finishes and halo begins.


And its not just the multiplayer i wont ruin the single player for anyone but it is the stupidest **** thing known to man.

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I get sucked into COD every year, even though I really don't believe its that great of a game.I never thought it took skill to play COD because it just comes down to who can pull the trigger first.Also, with all the lag this game has, i can't ever have a match where i feel like i getting cheated so I try to play zombies more than anything.