Really unpopular move from treyarch

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A really unpopular move from treyarch.

It is not possible to play nuketown 2025 on the multiplayer anymore, not if you preordered, not if you bought the hardened version.

It still is possible to play the map in custom games and on zombies, but seriously, who wants to do either of those.

For one minute to the next: bye bye nuketown 2025.

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dont worry it will be sold as DLC later

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My guess is they are waiting DLC before putting it in rotation. Its ok its just Nuketown....
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Ah, yes, the beauty of having dedicated servers ran by Activ... ehm... Treyarch.

We all can predict thatn when a DLC is put out the majority of servers will have DLCs enabled and those who will not buy the DLCs will be constantly disconeccted when a DLC map is played.And you won't be able to do anything except rage or BUY the damn DLC.

This is sadly the final straw for me not to buy the game. Good thing I didn't succumb to the hype and pretty promises.


have a nice day all.



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It's still in the Bonus Mode rotation as far as I know